In a world where rapidly changing technologies are altering the course of humanity,  our purpose is what defines us, reverberating deep within our core.   
Our purpose evokes pride, integrity and innovation in everything we do and moves us towards a sustainable and transformative future.

3G Consulting is a diverse technology company which evokes pride,  intergrity and innovation in everything we do.  While the world continues to alter,  we adapt and remain united through our commitment to each other.  We provide the skills and organisational ability to Africa's development and Growth.  3G Consulting strives for exemplary services on every project with the highest quality and complexity.

Our goal is to solve challeges professionally and exponentially using our deep industry expertise.  As respected providers of IT support services that your business is always operating at it's peak.  Many IT service providers offer only selected services to their customers,  which means that clients often have to engage with many IT companies and vendors,  creating operational slow-downs and other issues.  We offer all IT support services that your business requires.


Building a prosperous South Africa through improved education.  3G Consulting as a provider of business and technology solutions across a vast range of industries,  understands that eduction is paramount in building a prosperous South Africa.  Our purpose is to make a meaningful tangiable difference to communities and to provide future growth employees with a platform to live our brand and further enrich their own lives.

Courageous Leadership

Is about building 3G Consulting for the future,  the organisation we aspire to become.  We have the organisation with strong ethical foundation,  with employees who have strong values.  We aim to lead by example and to create a deeply responsible,  and those shape the 'who' and 'what' we are;  they also influense the 'how'.  3G Consulting provides support and youth development programmes to help grow our nation.

Learnership Program
  • We take on students
  • Highly trained in all fields of the telecommunications sector
  • Certify with training certificate at the end of course
  • Income earned while trained

M.D Message (Kreason Govender)

3G Consulting was born in 2005 and has proved to be an eventful journey.  We have started trading in S.A and expanded to Africa and to the Indian ocean Island over the years with tremendous success in our areas of expertise.  We have expanded to the USA (Houston Texas).  Our 2021 goals are to expand into the Eastern European block as our clientele expands operations into these areas.  The firm has grown sustainably with an average of 140% annually over the last decade.  We are proudly South African level 1 BBBEE company.

Email Disclaimer

This e-mail and the information it contains may be confidential and/or legally privileged.  Nothing contained herein shall be construed to be an agreement of any nature whatsoever,  unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties.  Should you receive this e-mail in error,  you are requested to immediately return all information to ourselves and to delete same.

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