3G Consulting enriches people’s lives by transforming, and enhancing, the way in which we communicate with the world. We provide the skills and organisational ability critical to Africa’s development and growth. Following the Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing model, we provide high-value end-to-end solutions to our clients. 3G Consulting attributes its 110% compounded annual growth to a culture of remaining prudent and exceeding customer expectations. Clients can find a range of comprehensive services that include products and solutions from Alcatel - Lucent Enterprises, Fortinet, Lifesize, Tiger Management Solutions, Air2Fiber Solution, HiSpeed, Fibre, Hosting Solutions

The 3G Consulting Value

• To provide the technology, knowledge, skills and organisational ability required to improve Africa's development and growth.
• To be an ethical, relevant force for good and to play a positive role in our society, beyond normal business practise.

END-TO-END Solution Offerings

• Largest Implementer of enterprise applications
• Wide range of services
• Strong Outsourcing and cloud services
• Sound black Economic Empowerment Profile
• Operates in South Africa and Africa
• Strong Financial Position

The 3G Consulting Operating Model

• Our operating model is based on a two-dimensional approach; lines of business and industry verticals. The lines of business are clustered around consulting, technology and solution building.

• Integrate computing, storage, networking, virtualisation and management into a single platform. Gain operational simplicity and business agility essential for best-in-class cloud computing and IT as a service.

Technology Partners