Oracle Private Cloud at Customer

Simplifies on-premises cloud deployments by reducing the time between power-on and production to just a few hours. It combines the scalability, zero-downtime upgradability, and security of Oracle Private Cloud Appliance with a flexible subscription model to deliver IaaS out of the box that can be managed from a single pane of glass. Achieve faster time to value; control over regulatory issues, data privacy, and governance; tight integration with your network security; and low latency for on-premises applications and data.

Bare Metal Compute

Bare metal instances support applications requiring high core counts, large amounts of memory, and high memory bandwidth. Users can build cloud environments with significant performance improvements over other public clouds and on-premise data centers. Bare metal compute instances provide customers with exceptional isolation, visibility, and control.

Container Engine for Kubernetes

Uses versions of Kubernetes certified as conformant by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, is a fully managed, scalable, and highly available service used to deploy containerized applications to the cloud.

Container Registry

Is a single place for teams to manage Docker images, perform vulnerability analysis, and authentication to control access to a private container image registry. The registry can detect vulnerabilities or security issues before images are ever deployed to containers.

Virtual Machines and Bare Metal (GPU)

NVIDIA-based offerings provide a range of options for graphics-intensive workloads while also providing the high performance demanded by AI and machine-learning algorithms.

Virtual Machines

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Virtual Machines (VMs) are ideal for running applications that don’t require the performance of a dedicated bare metal server.