Hospitality Solutions

OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud for Hospitality

Brief background

A Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch® Enterprise Cloud (OTEC) for Hospitality is a powerful communication suite for any size and category of hospitality business. It allows organizations to provide their guests and employees with advanced communication services. It also lets them shift from a CAPEX to an OPEX business model, adopt a unique occupancy-based business model, as well as control costs. The hospitality solution is easily customized to suit all hotel categories. You can easily add or remove the number of rooms, as well as users or services, to build an à-la-carte selection of hotel services and applications.


Primary objective: Assist Business Partners in generating new business for their service offer with OTEC for Hospitality
Secondary objective: Generate awareness for Business Partners as providers of enterprise cloud solutions for the hospitality industry

Target audience

• Size: All hotels
• Geographies: Worldwide
• Personas: Economic, Operational, Technical

Tiger Management Systems

Connected Guests, from TigerTMS, combines voice messaging and integration capabilities to produce a comprehensive hospitality portfolio. The Hospitality Applications Suite is transforming hotel operations and guest experiences worldwide. Customers using Connected Guests can take advantage of the freedom of deployment, which extends to cloud, and protects investment in technology.


This is a platform for interconnecting front and back office applications. It can be used for a single hotel or multiple properties that have centralised management


This provides guest and administration voice messaging and wakeup management, which can be completely integrated into the hotel’s Property Management System.


By streamlining services and optimising hotel staff productivity, you can positively impact guests’ experiences. This manages the workflow, maintenance duties and preventative maintenance to meet a high standard.


iConnect provides an affordable and secure method of extending the hotel’s telephone network to the guest’s personal smartphone or smart device.


This mobile app enhances the each guest’s experiences, and delivers relevant or live content. It provides the perfect method for the hotelier to communicate with guests in a noninvasive manner.


IP Connect manages the authentication and billing of high-speed internet access across the hotel, which includes the limiting of internet access to guests, among other features.