What you Need to know

Upgrade your video communications experience with the Lifesize Icon Series of cameras, phones and connectivity hardware. Bring your meetings to life with seamless collaboration – intuitive user interfaces and complete compatibility make every Lifesize Icon product easy to use, right out of the box. Connect additional devices to customise your meeting room capabilities, and enjoy the benefits of boardroom-grade communications technology in smaller group settings. Digital microphones mean you’ll never miss an idea or suggestion and will take your meeting audio to the next level.

Lifesize App

Secure for IT, easy for everyone

The LifeSize App does it all: it enables video, audio and web conferencing, and offers a full recording capability. Built for business, it facilitates everything from one-on-one conversations to larger meetings across multiple locations. The LifeSize app lets you connect via desktop, mobile or browser and offers unprecedented interoperability. LifeSize Record and Share means that insights and ideas can be easily captured, and IT managers will be reassured to know that the App is easily administered and is securely encrypted.

Lifesize Icon 400

Ideal for huddle and small meeting spaces

The Lifesize Icon 400 brings the power of video collaboration to small meetings, delivering an unparalleled immersive experience that enables participants around the world to focus on sharing knowledge and achieving the meeting objectives, wherever they find themselves converging. Easy to install and configure, the Lifesize Icon 400 offers maximum simplicity, flexibility and value. Directory functionality lets you begin a one-to-one or multiparty call (including video calls) with a click, while the user-friendly onscreen menu saves puts you in control.

Lifesize Icon 450

Ideal for huddle and small meeting spaces with smart framing technology

Effortlessly begin meetings over video secure in the knowledge that everyone in the room is visible and centered in the picture thanks to the automatic smart-framing sensor. With the Lifesize Icon 450, there’s no need to to adjust the camera, meaning you can focus on the task in hand. Shrink the distance between national and international teams and share ideas as easily as if all your colleagues were in the room with you. And all in lifelike, crystal-clear HD.

Lifesize Icon 600

Ideal for medium to large meeting spaces

Perform business tasks without breaking stride, including viewing your meeting schedules in the calendar and performing meeting directory searches. Benefit from a unified interface view during video conversations, and bring colleagues onboard with name-based calling. The Lifesize Icon 600 comes with a beautifully designed remote control for ease of navigation, a touchscreen phone with audio and video support, HD monitors for crystal-clear displays and HD cameras and digital microphones to ensure that every contribution is captured and recorded.

Lifesize Icon 800

Ideal for large venues and auditoriums

The Icon 800 offers incredible flexibility thanks to its additional video inputs. With the option to connect multiple video and audio devices, such as PTZ cameras, laptops, DVRs and MP3 players, there’s no obstacle to delivering an unprecedented immersive experience. The Lifesize Icon 800 simplifies video conferencing for larger venues, with the Lifesize Link Adapter which enables you to position a Lifesize Phone or Digital MicPod up to 61m away. Bring everyone closer, and take your business further.

Lifesize Icon Flex

Professional USB Camera and Audio Solutions for UC Software Clients

Collaboration is the name of the game, but no matter which video collaboration application your team prefers (and we’d always recommend Lifesize Cloud) the best way to bring your meeting room to life is with the Lifesize Icon Flex video conference system. It brings the benefits of high quality video, our touchscreen Lifesize Phone and world-class support to your collaboration application. Easy to set up and simple to use, the Lifesize Icon Flex is ideally suited to small meeting spaces.

Lifesize Accessories

Lifesize Digital MicPod

HD active microphone technology with direct call three-way audio add-on call capability makes the Lifesize MicPod ideal for small conference rooms.

Lifesize Phone HD

Intuitive touch-screen interface for simplicity and ease of use brings maximum flexibility in HD video and audio communication to every meeting.