Cloud Infrastructure - Innovate with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supports traditional workloads and delivers modern cloud development tools. It is architected to detect and defend against modern threats, so you can innovate more. Combine low cost with high performance to lower your TCO.

Cloud Infrastructure Products

Networking Connectivity and Edge Services
Security, Identity, and Compliance
Database Management
Analytics and Big Data
Management and Governance
Application Development
Applied Software Technologies

Why Oracle Generation 2 Cloud Infrastructure?

Oracle Cloud is a Generation 2 enterprise cloud that delivers powerful compute and networking performance and includes a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure and platform cloud services. Built from the ground up to meet the needs of mission-critical applications, Oracle Cloud supports all legacy workloads while delivering modern cloud development tools, enabling enterprises to bring their past forward as they build their future.

Our Generation 2 Cloud is the only one built to run Oracle Autonomous Database, the industry's first and only self-driving database. Oracle Cloud offers a comprehensive cloud computing portfolio, from application development and business analytics to data management, integration, security, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain.

Key use cases for Oracle Generation 2 Cloud Infrastructure

Move and improve database workloads - Whether Oracle Applications or custom/third-party apps on Oracle Database, Oracle Cloud is the best place to run critical transactional applications.

High performance compute in the cloud- Oracle delivers higher performance and better capabilities at lower cost-to-power simulation, modeling, and other types of HPC workloads in the cloud.

Data-driven transformation - Data-centric applications require bandwidth, horsepower, and effective tools. Oracle Cloud delivers all three, letting users get more out of their data.

Autonomous data management - Eliminate complexity, human error, and manual management for maximum insight from data of all types.

Oracle Applications - Build business resilience with Oracle Cloud Applications

How fast will your rebound be? It’s how you rethink financial and asset management, shift customer engagement models, make changes to your supply chain, or redefine your workforce strategy. Your choice of cloud applications has a direct impact on business agility.

Cloud Infrastructure Products

Enterprise Resource Planning - Discover how enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud solutions can future-proof your business across accounting, analytics, consolidation, planning, procurement, projects, and reporting.

Human Capital Management - Discover how HR leaders are making faster, smarter decisions with Oracle's human resources solutions to drive engagement, productivity, and business value for organizations and the people within them.

Supply Chain Management - Discover how Oracle’s supply chain management (SCM) and manufacturing solutions help drive innovation and turn traditional supply chains into agile and integrated value chains.

Marketing - Discover how digital marketing solutions support B2B and B2C marketers' omnichannel experiences to drive sales, brand, and customer loyalty. Oracle Marketing supports marketing automation for cross-channel orchestration.

Sales - Discover how Oracle Sales solutions go beyond sales force automation to optimize your sales engagements through a comprehensive set of capabilities that bolster customer relationships and drive business growth.

Service - Discover how Oracle Service solutions help to differentiate your brand by providing automated, personalized, omnichannel, and knowledge-driven interactions and customer service.

Cloud Applications—Planning for what’s next

In an uncertain world, your most precious asset is your power to choose and shape your own future. Now is exactly the right time to be productive and create what’s next.

Oracle is here to help with three steps to navigate the current business climate:

1. Define your near-term and long-term success - Whether you’re focused on responding to growing demands, reinventing your business, or just surviving the next two quarters, don’t let your cloud applications limit your potential.

2. Plan amidst disruption - Disruption is not a one-off occurrence. Regardless of the kind of future you’re planning, you’ll need to be ready for almost anything. Examine the flexibility and agility of key processes and systems in your ecosystem.

3. Choose continuous innovation for resilience - New business models, changing customer expectations, shifting workforce demands, and evolving roles will continue to reshape your business. Being limited by outdated legacy applications will not help.