Elastic Cloud Server:Allows users to obtain scalable cloud servers at any time, and build a reliable, secure, flexible, and efficient application environment.

Auto Scaling (AS): Automatically adjusts computing resources based on the user service requirements and configured policies.

Bare Metal Server (BMS) : Features both the scalability of VMs and high performance of physical servers. It provides dedicated servers on the cloud that offer the computing performance and data security required by core databases, key application systems, high-performance computing & Big Data.

Image Management Service (IMS):Allows you to easily manage images.

Cloud Container Engine (CCE):Is a high-performance, high-reliability service through which enterprises can manage containerized applications.

FunctionGraph: Hosts and computes event-driven functions in a serverless context while ensuring high availability, high scalability, and zero maintenance. All you need to do is write your code and set conditions. You pay only for what you use and you are not charged when your code is not running.


Object Storage Service (OBS):Is a stable, secure, efficient, and easy-to-use cloud storage service.

Elastic Volume Service (EVS): provides persistent block storage for services such as Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) and Bare Metal Server (BMS).

Volume Backup Service (VBS) : backs up Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks non-disruptively.

Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS):Creates consistent online backups for Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks on Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs), without stopping the servers. If there is a virus intrusion, accidental deletion, or software/hardware fault, data can be restored to any backup point.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) :is an intelligent virtual network constructed on existing Internet infrastructure. It delivers network content from origin servers to CDN nodes, so end users can obtain desired content from nearby nodes. CDN speeds up site response and improves site availability, breaking through the bottlenecks caused by low bandwidth, heavy user access traffic, and uneven distribution of network nodes.

Scalable File Service (SFS):Provides fully hosted file storage with complete share capabilities, featuring high performance and high reliability. SFS supports the POSIX interface and provides shared access for Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs), Bare Metal Servers (BMSs), and containers created on Cloud Container Engine (CCE).


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) : Enables you to create private, isolated virtual networks.

Elastic Load Balance (ELB) : Automatically distributes access traffic to multiple ECSs to balance the service load.

NAT Gateway : Provides Source Network Address Translation (SNAT) and Destination Network Address Translation (DNAT) functions for Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), making it easier for you to configure the ingress and egress for a VPC.

Elastic IP : Provides independent public IP addresses and bandwidth to the Internet. An EIP can be flexibly associated with or disassociated from an ECS, BMS, virtual IP address, load balancer, or NAT gateway. Various billing modes are provided to meet diversified service requirements.

Direct Connect : Is a high-speed, low-latency, stable, and secure dedicated network connection that you can use to connect your local data centers to HUAWEI CLOUD VPCs.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): Establishes a secure, encrypted communications tunnel between your local data center and your VPC on HUAWEI CLOUD.

Cloud Connect (CC): Enables you to build a stable, high-speed network that can connect VPCs in different regions and features enterprise-class scalability and communication capabilities.

Domain Name Service (DNS) : Provides highly available and scalable authoritative DNS resolution services along with domain name management. It translates domain names into IP addresses required for network connection to route visitors to desired resources.


RDS for MySQL: Is a reliable and scalable cloud database service. You can deploy databases within minutes and stay focused on application development.

RDS for PostgreSQL: Is a powerful open-source relational database, with high reliability and data integrity. RDS for PostgreSQL is commonly used to power e-commerce, location-based applications, financial insurance systems, and complex data object processing.

RDS for SQL Server : Supports various editions of Microsoft SQL Server and simplifies the creation and management of SQL Server DB instances. It is reliable, scalable, easy to manage, and ready to use, letting you focus on developing your services.

Document Database Service (DDS): Is a MongoDB-compatible database service that is high-performing, secure, highly available, and scalable. It provides a variety of functions including DB instance creation with a few clicks, scaling, disaster recovery, backup, restoration, and monitoring. Currently, DDS provides three DB instance types: cluster, replica set, and single node.

Data Replication Service (DRS): Helps you migrate databases online and synchronize data in real time. It is stable, efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): Establishes a secure, encrypted communications tunnel between your local data center and your VPC on HUAWEI CLOUD.

Data Admin Service (DAS): Enables you to manage DB instances on a web-based console, simplifying database management and improving working efficiency.


Anti-DDoS: Protects resources (such ECSs and ELB instances) on HUAWEI CLOUD from DDoS attacks on the network and application layers.

Advanced Anti-DDoS (AAD) : Is a value-added security defense service that defends against large volumetric DDoS attacks on Internet servers, including those deployed outside HUAWEI CLOUD. It diverts attack traffic to high-defense IP addresses with significant defense capabilities for scrubbing, keeping your business stable and reliable. You pay only for the protection capacity you use.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) : Is expertly designed to keep your website safe and secure. It examines website service traffic from multiple dimensions to accurately identify malicious requests and filter attacks, ensuring top-class system security and stability for your data.

Vulnerability Scan Service (VSS) : Is a security diagnosis service that uses weakness detection and intelligent correlation analysis technologies to help discover security risks in your websites or servers.

Host Security Service (HSS): is designed to improve the overall security for hosts. It reduces intrusion risks with asset management, vulnerability management, intrusion detection, and baseline inspection functions.

Data Encryption Workshop (DEW): is a full-stack data encryption service. It covers Key Management Service (KMS), Key Pair Service (KPS), and Dedicated HSM. With DEW, you can develop customized encryption applications, and integrate it with other HUAWEI CLOUD services to meet even the most demanding encryption scenarios.

Database Security Service (DBSS) : Uses machine learning and big data technologies to protect your databases on the cloud, intelligently auditing them and detecting risky behaviors like SQL injection.

SSL Certificate Manager (SCM): Is a service that provides one-stop lifecycle management of digital certificates, ensuring trusted authentication and secure connections.


ServiceStage: Is an application and microservice management platform that helps enterprises simplify application lifecycle management from deployment, monitoring, and O&M, to governance. ServiceStage provides a full-stack solution for enterprises to develop microservice, mobile, and web applications.This solution helps you easily migrate various applications onto the cloud, making enterprises focus on service innovation to achieve digital transformation.

Application Orchestration Service (AOS) : Automates cloud resources provisioning and application deployment based on templates you define. A graphical template designer and a large number of free sample templates enable you to intuitively and easily create custom templates.

Software Repository for Container (SWR) : Provides easy, secure, and reliable management of container images throughout their lifecycles, facilitating quick deployment of containerized services.

Simple Message Notification (SMN): Enables cloud users to send messages to email addresses and phone numbers and offers messaging abilities for applications, reducing system complexity.

Distributed Message Service (DMS) : Is a fully managed, high-performance message queuing service that enables reliable, flexible, and asynchronous communication between distributed applications. It provides standard, FIFO, and advanced queues, and supports HTTP APIs, and TCP SDK.

Application Performance Management (APM) : Monitors and manages the performance of cloud applications in real time. APM provides performance analysis of distributed applications, helping O&M personnel quickly locate and resolve faults and performance bottlenecks.

Blockchain Service (BCS): Is a highly available and secure blockchain platform allowing enterprises and developers to conveniently create, deploy, and manage applications with the superb performance and cost-effectiveness.

Application Operations Management (AOM): Is a cloud O&M platform for O&M personnel, developers, operations personnel, and IT managers. It monitors metrics of cloud resources, networks, middleware, services, and mobile apps, and displays logs, metrics, and events in real time, realizing one-stop cloud O&M.

API Gateway: is a high-performance, high-availability, and high-security hosting service that helps enterprises build, manage, and deploy Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) at any scale. With just a few clicks, you can implement system integration, offer your partners open capabilities, and monetize well-developed services. API Gateway also helps you minimize costs and risks.

Cloud Performance Test Service (CPTS) : Is a cloud service that provides API and E2E performance tests of applications, which are built based on HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, UDP, WebSocket, RTMP or HLS. The rich capability of test model definition can be used to restore scenarios of large-scale concurrent service access, helping users identify application performance problems in advance.

Distributed Cache Service (DCS) : Is an online, distributed, in-memory cache service compatible with Redis and Memcached. It is reliable, scalable, usable out of the box, and easy to manage, meeting your requirements for high read/write performance and fast data access.

Distributed Cache Service (DCS) for Memcached : Is an online, distributed, in-memory cache service compatible with Redis and Memcached. It is reliable, scalable, usable out of the box, and easy to manage, meeting your requirements for high read/write performance and fast data access.

Cloud Service Engine (CSE) : Provides a high-performance microservice framework, service registry, service governance, and configuration and management. It allows you to quickly develop microservice applications and implement high-availability O&M. Furthermore, it supports multiple languages and multiple runtime systems, Spring Cloud and ServiceComb (Java chassis/Go chassis) frameworks, and Mesher service mesh.

Management & Deployment

Cloud Eye: Is a multi-dimensional resource monitoring platform.

Identity and Access Management (IAM): Is a Web-based service that provides identity authentication and permission management.

Cloud Trace Service (CTS) : Records operations on cloud resources in your account.

Enterprise Intelligence

ModelArts: Is a one-stop development platform that helps AI developers build models and manage the AI development lifecycle with data preprocessing, semi-automated data labeling, and distributed training.

Graph Engine Service (GES): Facilitates querying and analysis of graph-structure data based on various relationships. It is specifically suited for scenarios requiring analysis of rich relationship data.

Data Lake Insight (DLI) : Is a Serverless big data compute and analysis service that is fully compatible with Apache Spark and Apache Flink ecosystems and supports batch streaming.

Video Ingestion Service (VIS) : Ingests massive volumes of video data in real time. Its superb data collection, real-time transmission, and video retention capabilities allow easy intelligent video analysis.

Data Warehouse Service (DWS) : Is an online data processing database that uses the public cloud infrastructure to provide scalable, fully-managed, and out-of-the-box analytic database service that frees you from database management and monitoring. It is a native cloud service based on the Huawei converged data warehouse GaussDB, and is fully compatible with the standard ANSI SQL 99 and SQL 2003, as well as the PostgreSQL and Oracle ecosystems. DWS provides competitive solutions for PB-level big data analysis in various industries.

Cloud Stream Service (CS) : Is designed to process streaming data in real time. Computing clusters are fully managed by CS, allowing you to run StreamSQL or custom jobs without learning any programming skills.

MapReduce Service (MRS) : Provides enterprise-level big data clusters on the cloud. Tenants can fully control clusters and easily run big data components such as Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Kafka, and Storm.

Question Answering Bot (QABot) : Helps enterprises quickly build, publish, and manage intelligent Q&A bots.

Image Recognition : Uses deep learning technologies to accurately identify objects, scenes, and concepts in images using a pool of visual content tags.

Content Moderation : Uses image, text, and video detection technologies to detect advertisements, and pornographic, political, and terrorism-related content, reducing potential business risks.

Cloud Search Service (CSS) : Is a fully hosted distributed search service powered by Elasticsearch and delivers functions such as structured and unstructured data search, statistics, and reports.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) : Automatically recognizes and converts text in images or scanned copies into editable text, improving business efficiency.

Face Recognition : Quickly detects faces in images and analyzes facial attributes to implement precise face verification and retrieval. It is perfect for users working with identity verification and e-attendance.

ImageSearch : Uses deep learning and image recognition to deliver service- and industry-specific feature vectorization and search capabilities to search exact/fuzzy match images from the specified gallery.

DAYU : Visualize, develop, and integrate your data with DAYU, a one-stop data governance platform from HUAWEI CLOUD. DAYU helps you grow an industry knowledge base with intelligence.

EIHealth : Provides a professional AI R&D platform to accelerate AI researches and applications in genomics, drug discovery and medical imaging.

Dedicated Cloud

Dedicated Computing Cluster (DCC): Provides dedicated, physically isolated computing resource pools on HUAWEI CLOUD to ensure secure service operation. DCCs are applicable to scenarios with high security requirements, such as financial systems, data warehouses, and high-performance computing.

Dedicated Distributed Storage Service (DSS): provides you with dedicated, physical storage resources. By flexibly interconnecting with various computing services, such as ECS, BMS, and DCC, DSS offers first-class performance in a wide-range of scenarios, including, HPC, OLAP, or a mix of loads.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things: With IoT Device Management, you can easily connect a diverse fleet of IoT devices to the IoT cloud platform to implement two-way communication for data collection and command delivery. Then you can manage the devices in an efficient and visualized manner, integrate and analyze data, and invoke powerful open capabilities of the platform to quickly build innovative IoT services.


Message&SMS: Is a communications service provided for international users by HUAWEI CLOUD, and the finest worldwide carriers and channels. Enterprises can use the Group SMS Assistant to easily send group SMS notifications, or call APIs to provide two-factor authentication, and SMS notifications.


Convergent Video Service: Combines a massive amount of content, flexible storage, and efficient delivery to give you a one-stop shop for all HD video services including linear TV, VOD, interactive TV, and short-form video for every kind of viewers over IPTV, Internet TV, and mobile video scenarios.